Palazzo dei Priori
Priori Square, 1
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environMENTAL/IMAGEN Collaboration Meeting 04-06 September

environMENTAL Kick-off Meeting 07-09 September Volterra, Italy

Welcome to the environMENTAL Kick-off meeting registration. We are pleased to invite you to Volterra, Italy. In preparation for the Kick-off Meeting, environMENTAL will hold an environMENTAL/IMAGEN preparation meeting to elaborate discussions on IMAGEN data sets (see agenda below). The environMENTAL Kick-off meeting will start on Wednesday 07 September and will end with a farewell lunch on Friday 09 September (for further details see agenda below). On Wednesday, our coordinator will invite the whole consortium to a joint meeting dinner. For further planning, please indicate below, if you will join dinner and lunch.

Please notice, hotel rooms (breakfast included) at the Hotel San Lino (single 65€/ double for single use 80€, triple room 120€) and Villa Nencini (59€ pp.) are not automatically booked, but blocked until  7th August. To confirm your booking, please contact the according hotel, confirm your arrival and departure date, preferred hotel room and provide your credit card details (see information, Katy sent via email letter). If you require any further assistance please contact Katy.


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environMENTAL Kick-off Meeting agenda

Wednesday 07 September

Thursday 08 September

Friday 09 September

09.00 Welcome 09.30 Introduction 09.30 Project Management report and organisation of consortium (Sabine Possmann)
09.15 Introduction and report of the coordinator 09.45 Identification of break out groups 10.30 Dissemination planning (seminars, manuscripts etc.) (Bernd Stahl, Sabine Possmann)
10.00 WP reports I-IV (15’/WP) 10.00 Break out session 11.15 Break
11.00 Break 11.30 Break 11.30 A.O.B., next meetings and Adjourn
11.15 WP reports V-IX 11.45 Report of break out groups 12.30 Working Lunch
12.30 Working Lunch 12.30 Working Lunch 14.00 Adjourn
14.00 WP reports X-XII 14.00 Scientific presentation I-IV (tbd)
14.45 Break 16.00 Adjourn

15.15 Scientific planning year 1

  • Digital health (Frauke Nees)
  • -omics (Sylvane Desrivieres)
  • Cohorts (Elli Polmiti, UiO tbd)
  • Data management (Sven Twardziok)
  • Responsible Innovation (Bernd Stahl)
16.45 Adjourn
19.30 NetworkingDinner


environMENTAL/IMAGEN collaboration meeting agenda

Sunday 04 September

Monday 05 September

Tuesday 06 September

14.00-18.00 Arrival and check-in 09.30 Welcome, Introduction and environMENTAL update (Gunter Schumann) 09.30 Executive Meeting
20.00            Networking dinner  10.00 Overview IMACOV-STRATICOV FU, ESTRA (Nilakshi Vaidya, Sylvane Desrivieres) 10.30 External collaborations: Human Brain PRoject, China Brain Project, German Center for Mental Health, cVEDA (Gunter SChumann, Nilakshi Vaidya)
10.30 IMAGEN/STRATIFY enrichment in environMENTAL (Sylvane Derivieres, Elli Polemiti) 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 Coffee Break 11.30 Overview and update on Databank transfer (Marcel Jentsch, Nilakshi Vaidya)
11.30 environMENTAL App Follow-up in IMAGEN/STRATIFY (Frauke Nees, Sebastian Siehl) 12.00 Zhangjiang International Biobank (ZIB) Update (Tianye Jia)
12.15 Working Lunch 12.30 Working Lunch
13.45 Discussion and planning of IMAGEN FU4, collaborations and “opening” (Moderator :Frauke Nees) 12.30 Scientific talk (tbd)
14.30 Coffee Break 14.15 Scientific talk (tbd)
15.00 3T/7T prediction in IMAGEN (Yuxiang Dai, Gunter Schumann) 14.45 (Scientific talk)
15.30 Relating behaviour to multimodal neuroimaging and genetics (Tristram Lett) 15.15 (Scientific talk)
19.30 Working Dinner 16.00 Summary and Future Directions (Gunter Schumann)