Sven Twardziok
Group leader at the
Berlin Institute of Health
In this seminar we will present the technical considerations for the project wide data management., which will be the basis for the combination and analysis of the very diverse data in the project. The goal is that all data in the EnvironMental project is managed in a transparent way in compliance with the FAIR criteria. For this purpose, we will host a meta database documenting all data sets, which are pro­duced within the project.
Furthermore, we will build a data infrastructure at BIH and provide compute and storage capacities. Here we will host the IMAGEN and STARTIFY/ESTRA cohorts data. Via a file hosting service, we will also provide additional storage capacities for any other datasets produced in the project. On top of the data storage, we will provide capacities for hosting of web applications, supporting the data analysis via dashboards and cloud workspaces. This includes the hosting of tools to provide programmatically access to data via application programing interfaces.