We are thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated video from the environMENTAL Consensus Conference! This thrilling event brought together a diverse panel of experts to discuss pressing issues related to mental health, environmental factors, and technology.

Hosted at the Iconic Lecture Hall Ruin, Berlin

The event was held in the historic Lecture Hall Ruin in Berlin, adding a touch of grandeur and historical significance to our discussions. Here are some fascinating facts about this iconic venue:

  • The Lecture Hall Ruin stands as a poignant reminder of the tumultuous history of Berlin, having been heavily damaged during World War II bombings.
  • Despite its destruction, the Lecture Hall Ruin has been preserved as a testament to resilience and has become a symbol of Berlin’s reconstruction efforts.
  • Today, the Lecture Hall Ruin serves as a unique cultural space, hosting events, exhibitions, and conferences that inspire dialogue and reflection.

Meet Our Esteemed Panellists:

  • Bernd Stahl: Renowned Professor of Critical Research in Technology at the University of Nottingham. With a background in computing and social responsibility, Prof. Stahl’s insights are invaluable to our discussions.
  • Henrik Walter: Deputy Medical Director (Research); Professor for Psychiatry, Psychiatric Neuroscience, and Neurophilosophy. Prof. Walter brings a wealth of experience in psychiatric research and is the Head of the Research Division Mind and Brain.
  • Angeliki Balayannis: Associate Professor specializing in Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation at Wageningen University. Dr. Balayannis’ expertise in participatory approaches to pollution, waste, and planetary health adds depth to our conversations.
  • Gill Grimshaw: A public contributor and Advisor on public and patient involvement in research. Dr. Grimshaw’s lived experience and academic background bring a unique perspective to our discussions.
  • Jakob Kaminsky: Head of the Research Group Digital Psychiatry and Medical Lead of Home Treatment. Dr. Kaminsky is a key member of our Stakeholder Board, providing invaluable insights into the intersection of psychiatry and technology.
  • Stephania Lamble: An expert by lived experience and member of the Citizen’s representatives from the environMENTAL Consensus Conference. Stephania’s background in tourism and her volunteer work in mental health advocacy enrich our discussions.
  • Halvor Stokke Devor: Another expert by lived experience and member of the environMENTAL Stakeholder Board. Halvor’s contributions from the User Council at CoE NORMENT Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo, are invaluable.

Don’t Miss Out: Watch the Video Now!

Experience the thought-provoking discussions, insightful recommendations, and collaborative spirit that characterized the environMENTAL Consensus Conference. Click the link below to watch the video and join us in shaping the future of mental health and environmental sustainability!